Cindy's litter of nine collie puppies (four females and five males) birthed on 9/11/12 and sired by Buddy.

All of the puppies from this litter are in their new homes.  Congratulations to the new owners.

We are planning to "retire" Cindy and want to find a new female collie that we can mate with Buddy for future litters.

Puppy Transition Time at Eight Weeks

The puppies are now very social and curious.  They are learning to be attentive to face and voice.  Here are some comments that you may find helpful as your puppy makes its transition into your home.

1.    When you come to pick up your puppy, bring a collar (small size around 10") and a leash.  By eight weeks of age, the puppies will range in weight from 7-10 pounds.  If the trip home is long your puppy may need to urinate, also you may need water for the puppy to drink and a small dish for the trip.

 2.    It would be helpful to bring someone with you.  Often the puppy rides best on your lap.  Alternatively, you could bring a small crate.  However, this would be a new experience for the puppy.  Please bring paper towels.  Some puppies get an upset stomach from riding in a car.

 3.    Purchase some puppy chow.  We have been using "Large Breed Puppy Chow Lamb Meal and Rice Formula" by Nutro (in a green bag).  If you want to change to another puppy chow, make the transition slowly. At eight weeks the puppies are eating three meals a day of wet puppy chow, one-half cup at each serving.  It is best to stay with this regimen for a while to decrease the possibility of upsetting digestion. Since the puppies eat very quickly, it is helpful to keep the chow fairly wet to slow down their eating speed.

4.    Always provide fresh water for your puppy.

5.    Expect the first night to be difficult for your puppy.  He/she will whine a lot.  New noises may seem scary at first until the puppy gets accustomed to the new environment.  Your puppy will like to sleep in a secure place with maybe a towel draped over a crate or igloo door.  Something soft and fuzzy to lie on (rug or rags) may help.  The puppy will sleep a lot the first weeks and will need some time away from children to get this sleep.  However, the puppy will love interaction with you and your family.

6.    The puppies are not housetrained when they leave our farm.  They were born in our horse barn and during the last weeks are kept in an outside kennel area with a shed, bedded with straw, for sleeping.  If you plan for the puppy to be outside, it would be helpful to put some hay or straw in an igloo or dog house where he/she is to sleep.  A pile of pine shavings in a corner of the yard will encourage the puppy to urinate or defecate (bathroom routines) there.  If you plan to have the puppy indoors be diligent in taking the puppy outside every few hours so it will learn the bathroom routines outside. 

7.  At first the puppy will be a bit cautious indoors since they have been living out of doors up to the present. 

8.  The puppies still have developing immune systems.  It is helpful to keep them away from a park area or exposure to unknown dogs for the first few months until they develop fuller immunity. 

9.    Vaccinations.  At 7.5 weeks of age, your puppy received his/her first shot (a four-way vaccination) that covers: distemper, adenovirus type 2, parainfluenza, and parvovirus vaccine. A booster shot of this vaccine should be given at 11-12 weeks of age. 

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45 day puppies_091112Litter

Puppies at 45 days of age.  From left to right: Unise, Veni, Sattler,Neppy (in back), Jewel, Pluto, Mercury, Tara (in back), and Marshall

8 Pups_38days_01

38 day old puppies lined up from left to right: VeniMarie, Sattler, Neppy, Mercury, Pluto, UniseJoy, Marshall, Tara (half-view--see full view below) and in the far back is Jewel!


Here is Tara in the middle.

For  pictures of these puppies with Cindy within a day of their birth see our Puppies page.

For individual pictures of these puppies visit our Puppies for Sale page

View the Calendar of Events page for our periodic updates on this litter.

You may call (540-867-0854) or email ( ) for more information about this litter of puppies. 

The following pictures are puppies at age 19 days from the 9/11/12 litter:  Individual pictures of these puppies are posted on our Puppies for Sale page..  You are invited to check out the individual pictures and reserve a puppy by sending a depost for a specific puppy.  If you choose to reserve a puppy, please send us an email or call us indicating that you are sending a check in the postal mail.  Our contact information is on the Contact Page of this website.

Those of you who want to visit our farm and see the puppies, please make an appointment for October 5th or any time after that date.

19day 0911 Litter Elva holding puppy

Elva holding a 19 day old puppy.

19 day 0911 litter_9 pups

Nine puppies 19 days old

For more pictures of these puppies visit our Calendar page.

Based on the past six litters of puppies, we have found that Cindy is very good mother.  She is protective of her puppies and especially during the early weeks doesn't welcome strangers who may venture down to the barn where the puppies are.  Cindy produces good quantities of milk for her puppies.  This is evidenced by the rapid growth of very healthy puppies.  However, since Cindy is aging this will be the last litter of puppies that we will have from her.


Puppy from current litter; 12 days old.


Cindy is nuzzling a few of the puppies who are nursing.  Puppies are 12 days old on this photograph.

91112 Pups-birthday_074

Here is Cindy resting after delivering nine puppies.  Although the puppies are nursing some of them are still wet.


Cindy cleaning up a recently birthed puppy.


Nine puppies at 1 day of age.  (A couple of them are underneath the pile!) Now they are all dried off and busy finding a nipple.

Sale Arrangements for Cindy's

September 11, 2012 Litter

  • Price for puppies is $600 for females and $550 for males.  We operate on a "first come first served" basis in selling our puppies.
  • Pictures of individual puppies (with periodic updates) are posted on the Puppy for Sale page of our website beginning at 25 days of age.  These individual pictures will be periodically updated.
  • At any time, we will take deposits ($250) on a puppy  This deposit, which will reserve a puppy for you, is non-refundable.  When your check clears, we will send you a receipt for the deposit.  With the deposit you can pick out and reserve a puppy from the individual pictures on the Puppies for Sale page of this website.
  • We will be open for visitors to choose a puppy on and after October 5, 2012.  If you reserve a puppy, you have the option at any time to switch your reserved puppy with any remaining unsold/unreserved puppy.
  • Sometime during their sixth or seventh week, we will take the puppies to our local veterinarian for a health check.  We will certify that puppies will be healthy at the time of sale.  (See our FAQ and Links page for more information on puppy sales; see our News page for more information about Knoll Acres collies.)
  • The puppies will be ready to leave our farm when they are 8 weeks old (November 6, 2012) and days following.
  • We are so happy when our puppies find good homes.  If you are a prospective buyer, please tell us about your experiences with dogs and the facilities you have for housing a pet dog.

To read about our current litter and to see group pictures visit our Calendar page.